Quizzo is Threeeeve

Ahh where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday Joanie was voicing her displeasure over the fact that two loud idiots were talking over her watching an infomercial on iron lungs.  Now three years, five bus trips, and a niece and nephew  later we remain a Tuesday fixture at Gallucio's.  Dan, Gador, and i would be foolish to think we could do it without any the fine people listed below or in any of our other pictures.  That said, special thanks to all of you and here's hoping for three more years of this fun...

   -geno, dan, and Gador...

Mooch and Lips!

birthday scoresheet

Mare's video debut

lovely my welcome...

producer and announcer...

witless repartee

qdannivers.jpg (31579 bytes)
vo makes Dan red

Blair and Mare

Joanie speaks...

...and Gador apologizes

Dan Hardman

Geno on his soapbox...uchhh

The Gallucio's cast

U2 style
justsettling.jpg (26517 bytes)
Tara and Gene
pepe2.jpg (51614 bytes)
Tara's new baby
Logan Pepe
iglogo1.gif (16197 bytes)
Geno's newest baby...

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