September's Quizzo™ Scholar of the Month:

Tara Jeanette Kellogg
Quizzo Girl October 2002-July 2004

Tara a big supporter of Quizzo…
and its fans!

Each week she brought to Quizzo:
one beautiful smile
Each week she brought home:
two ugly co-hosts…
Record in Chug Tara contests:
Only person Tara couldn’t out "chug":
a former NJ governor
Graduates with:
Exercise Physiology degree and a love of Bud Light
Qualifies her to be:
Physical Therapist for NASCAR
Favorite Quizzo memory:
Bus Trip to New York to see “It’s Geno”
Least Favorite Quizzo memory:
asking “who separated their shoulder on that parking meter?” and hearing “It’s Geno”
Currently living in:
Currently living with:
with her cat Trystan and 22 months of regret…

So much luck and so much love
            - Dan, geno and the BL Staff


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