Lindsay Heck

What the hell kinda name is that?

Gallucio’s regular with access to Wachovia center passes
Why she doesn’t mind the last name Heck?
Because her mother’s maiden name is Fudge
Previous employment:

Account exec for Flyers
Current employment:

Sales manager for the 76’ers
Most common joke in
previous employment:
Which Flyer had the best “one-timer?”
Most common joke in
current employment:
Which 76er has the best ten-footer?
Often mistaken at Quizzo for:
Paris Hilton
Never mistaken at Quizzo for:
Someone enjoying herself
Why she loves Gallucio’s Quizzo over the Wachovia?
The Bud Light is cheaper
Why she hates Gallucio’s Quizzo over the Wachovia?

At least at the Wachovia I can hear over the booing

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